2nd semester English Language -Basic Concepts and Technical Language Structures in International Relations & Global Economics II (ΔΕΣΑΓΓ12-2)

Dr Irene Mamakou, Senior Teaching Fellow


General Information

Class Schedule: (all students) Tuesday 8.15-11.00 am

Location: Room 201,

21, Gr. Lambraki & Distomou St.



Contact Details:

Email: mamakou@unipi.gr 

Office Phone Number: 210 414 2641

Office Hours: during exam by appointment

Office 201, 126 Grigoriou Lambraki Street


Course Description

This is the second part of the course offered in the first semester.  The purpose of this course is to further advance the vocabulary within the domain of business, public relations, politics and finance.


Course Objectives

  • To expand on and recycle technical vocabulary and language structures
  • To develop students’ academic writing skills in order to produce short essays with academic references whose topics are directly related to their subject courses
  • To help students successfully communicate in  International Relations contexts


Course Materials

  • Principal textbooks:

     1. Mormori, P., Sivridou, F. & Tombrou, Ch., (2013) Intermediate Business English,Athens: Φαίδημος